Global Proactive Portfolio

Out of the thousands of investment funds available to us, there is one we follow even closer :

Starting January 21st 2013 Capital Conseil serves as the Financial Advisor of the investment funds Global Managers Platform – Global Proactive Portfolio registered in Luxemburg. This fund has been authorized on the French market on the 1st of January 2013 by the AMF.
Global Proactive Portfolio represents a wise choice for an investor looking for medium to long-term appreciation, throughout a flexible strategy with low volatility, benefiting from the growth of different geographic areas with no constraint in terms of geography and sector.
You will find the monthly reporting on Global Proactive Portfolio here.

This fund selects the best performing investment funds among the most renown asset managers in the world, based upon our macroeconomic anticipations.

The advice we deliver to Casa4Funds is based on a Top-Down approach

Fonctionnement du fonds Global Proactive Portfolio

Quelques unes des sociétés de gestion sélectionnées : cliquer ici pour plus de détail