Investissements Immobiliers

Why choosing to invest in the real estate under the LMNP status?

Real estate has always held a first-place choice in the investors’ global portfolios, for the following right reasons:
- The rent market is ever-growing, even in complex periods;
- Real estate investments ensure additional income, unaffected by monetary of stock market fluctuations;
- Household protection is increased, thanks to the Loan Insurance;
- Year after year, this sector has benefitted from a series of tax incentives.
The LMNP status allows the investor to take advantage of several tax incentives with the following main goal: getting exempt income over a long period (generally around 20 years)
Along with these constant parameters, cyclical elements push in the same direction:
- Attractive interest rates;
- Extremely favorable tax incentives

With 50 000€ cash, become the happy owner of a 300 000€ property TODAY.

                                                                                                       Your investment is financed at:

With a monthly saving of 550€

Benefits of this operation:
- Tax saved: 30500€
- Household protection: 307k€
(Capital Décès)
- Additional income: 14 500€

Details of the investment presented:
-2 properties of 150k€ each approx.
-Appartements rented furnished (LMNP status)
-With a return of 4.8% net of management fees, repairs, rent guarantee, backed by a 9 to 11 year commercial lease.
-Tax system: life insurance
-Interest only loan of 307k€ at 3,5% over 15 years.
Income taxe before investment: 3500€