Our role: ‘Money Doctor’

Surround yourself with the knowledge and expertise you lack in certain areas.

The problem :

The problem: You have neither the time nor the means to analyze all potential solutions. We are here to turn complex financial products into simple tools that you can grasp.

Our solution : the ‘Money Doctor’

We are here to help you manage your wealth at every major step:
- Your first saving as a young professional
- Managing your existing wealth
- Planning your retirement
- Generating additional income
- Preparing the transmission of your wealth

In order to ensure our continued relationship, we have a motto:

Word of mouth is the best ad.

And that is why our interests are linked. This understood, we consider ourselves far from potential conflicts of interest.
Being a broker, we position ourselves on the client’s side.

Our approach as an Independent Advisor

Our profession obeys strict, deontologic rules, here are the steps to be followed :

- First meeting: Handing out the ‘First Meeting Document’, listing all legal information on the company, the manager, the warranties, commissions as well as the partners we have selected for you.
A thorough wealth analysis is completed together, in which your main objectives are clearly defined along with your marital, professional, financial and fiscal situation. This step allows us to understand your character as investor.
- Second meeting: Handing out the Wealth Analysis. After looking at your situation, goals, character, the possible solutions, we will present our recommendations.
Being independent allows us to fully analyze what the market offers at any time and choose the one most adapted to your personal situation.
- We offer a monitoring with periodic statements sent to you.
- We remain available any time to answer your questions and discuss with you about your projects and goals.